nedeľa 17. februára 2008


paint with whites on black paper for a woodcut -Giant!looking down to the Gaia
new woodblock for BAREN exchange- The fairy tale, its my son in some three y. with his mom-pomme
the cover of our students exhibition album of prints at UPJŠ University ...
possibly motive for woodblock next
some tree in Hungary seen

Ludovit FULLA

Master FULLA´s woodblock, very strong cannon slavonic iconic picture,
my woodblock on hard board /:Kiss,
The Kiss"- older work on very bad board, too hard and bad for carving engraving...:-(
one block of the Bodyguards ...and

the revers side of same block :-)) here I try to do some picture like one old nippon Master Sensei Tokuriki Tomichikiro style of white outlines in black body of motive, as a negative lines in space..

sobota 16. februára 2008

today seen a motives

old tree was cuting down in early morning and snowy
nice silhouettte
and selfpromotion with first cuts, he feels the shooting chissel in his face
and it is work of famous Slovak painter Ernest Zmeták, national songs on folks heros motives

which witchy watch?

somebody flow the collours on school desk...
compo by my copperplates embossings under a prints in intaglio

paint to draw

it may be next bigger woodcut -some 45-60cm high, title-"WARAU"=smilling..rough

how to see

and it is a dream wich I saw once many years ago, and its me as a japanese boy, they said I was a calligrapher famous in Kyotooo in 1547 and executed for a pride by emperor...:-((


one small proof of printing in both ways-intaglio and relief at once, well disegned by one chinese pilot of jet for me, then I carved it in lino, :-)its calligraphy-shufa my name with date


it would be a background for other figurative picture, or as a calligraphers messy :-)

some pics in plan for engravings maybe

Czech First big Master of woodcut Max Švabinský´s Selfportrait, extra excellent work, and I love the tonality of this work so clear as a diamond



resume slovak

nexting pic.

what is it



piatok 15. februára 2008

Sometimes would like to upload work on wood prints here

Woodymoody - art Blogermaster

  • I need to write sometimes on art of woodcut-woodblock-woodengraving too, show some my work to my friends and read some comments too about it. So started now upload prints, photos of blocks and tools and so on...